Wednesday, October 26, 2011

For the Record

Just some interesting stats to celebrate our blog turning 100,000 views. Here's to all my faithful followers!


100,000 blog views: Blog hits as of today 10/26/2011, OMG how did this blog get so popular?!

58 official followers and counting : )

10 week ultrasound post has gotten over 4290 post views: Most Popular Blog post

~2,000 blog views/day: Max number of hits the blog has gotten in one day, this lasted for a few days after the babies were born (can't get exact figures but that's what Phil and I remember)

250-350 blog views/day: Average number of hits the blog gets now

We have visitors from all over the world (over 30 countries), here are some of the Countries where our blog is most popular. In order of most visitors:
United Kingdom

I can't believe it!

2758 pills: Vitamins taken during pregnancy (19 pills a day adds up quickly!)

19 Prenatal Appointments (11 Doc Appts + 8 Fetal Monitoring Appts)

13 Ultrasounds (most women only get like 2 or 3 ultrasounds!)

$13,000 our insurance company spent on ultrasounds alone!

$2000 Medical Bills for the year 2010 (pregnancy + NICU stay), you get excellent insurance when you work for the state : )

diapers: Diapers Changed in 1 year, can you imagine what that looks like!?! So glad we did clothies, at least they biodegrade!

1440 bottles: Bottles given while exclusively bottle fed (0-2months)

4 days: Longest time going without a shower, this was at the peak of newborn madness and my usual helpers all canceled on me that week. But then a friend checked in on me and rushed over so I could jump in the shower otherwise it may have lasted much longer, yuk!

7 days: Longest time never leaving my house, I couldn't even take a walk because the weather was so crappy

5 hrs: Most continuous hours I (mom) slept at one time from 0-4months, and this probably only happened once!

2 weeks: Length of NICU stay, admitted late Tuesday night and discharged on Thursday

7 days: Length of time mom spent in the hospital

2 hrs: Longest period of time I've been away from my babies minus NICU stay (when is the baby honeymoon over, I can't get enough of these stinkers!?)

3 news stories, 1 article in the Oregonian, 1 article in Metro Parent: the boys 15 minutes of Fame

545 protein shakes: Number of Carnation Instant Breakfasts I've consumed during the pregnancy and 1st year after babies, it's such an easy meal!


20 persons: number of different friends and family that came to visit us from California (or Utah) in the first year (many came more than once)

12 visits: number of separate visits during 1st year of babies lives (we never had to go more than two or three weeks by ourselves, thank you soooooo much!)

5 visits: our most frequent visitor goes to Aunt Janet! (It would have been 6 but she got sick and ended up staying at a hotel while Chance visited with us) Thanks : )

too many too count: travel shampoo left behind


60 lbs: Total weight gained in pregnancy

4 lbs: Most weight gained in one week

30 lbs: Most weight loss in one day (the day my babies were born!)

12 lbs 13 oz: Total baby weight : ) That was one BIG belly!

6 lbs: Most weight dropped in one week minus birth (first two weeks after the triplets were born)

Sympathy weight gained by Phil: he'd rather not say


1.5 liters or 50 oz: How much milk I pumped in one day while exclusively pumping (0-2 months), I'm assuming I produced a lot more after I quit pumping based on how much formula babies were drinking after I'd finish nursing everyone.

9oz: How much milk I recently (@12mo) pumped from ONE breast, holly cow that is seriously a lot of milk (yes pun intended)!

$4562 or $380/month saved (WOOHOOOOOOOO!!!!): Amount of money we would have spent on formula had I not breastfed

Priceless: The benefits of liquid gold (breast milk) that my babies got : )

Cats Scare Babies video


Aracely said...

oh Janet! the video had me rolling on the floor laughing..and im still cracking up as im writing this....tontos! Se asustaron y pegaron el grito fuerte...omg..soo cute!! cool calculations..its crazy how much things add up!! Love you guys!

singleladyforJesus, solteraparaJesus, celibatairepourJesus said...

weight gained by Phil: he'd rather not say! ahaha! too funny!

mmm... kind of a delayed reaction after the cat fight! wow... NEVER a dull moment around your house!

Jonalyn said...

Haaaa! That is SO funny!

Mary said...

Wow, you are my inspiration. (I couldn't produce enough to breastfeed only twins.) 9 oz from just one boob! Wow, just wow. I hope to not be a failure this time with bf-ing my newborn singleton.