Monday, August 27, 2012

23 months!

A day early but...
The count down begins till we turn TWO!!!
C, is it just me or are their eyes getting bigger?

While Eli was getting dressed I was making a big fuss over how cute Caleb looked in his suite. So when Eli is done being dressed he comes toward me with a big cheesy smile expecting the same reaction that I gave to Caleb. I did not disappoint him! All the boys when they hear the word "cute" they get this big smile on their faces and look to see who's saying it. Let's face it they are adorable and they get it a lot, albeit 70% of the time it comes from me : )

Can your stroller do this? Oh the things I do to give these guys
as normal a life as possible! Yes the third boy is on my back in the ergo.

YAY! No one was playing tennis at the tennis courts (perfect enclosed spot to take triplets by yourself)!
10 sets of triplets (one set came later) at our local triplets picnic! After a failed attempt before they moved to ND we finally got to hang out with the Waind bunch .
Watcha lookin at?


It seems like the boys take two steps forward and one step back with the whole speech development thing. Thomas just like Eli stopped wanting to repeat everything, that lasted a whole week and a half before he shut that down. They say new stuff every week but will they repeat it? No. But at least we are still moving forward! They have all said a lot over time but it's still about half a dozen words that they will repeat consistently. As of recently they are getting better at applying those few words and not just saying them when I ask them to. For example, after Thomas and Caleb finish nursing before bedtime they immediately look up at me and say mimi (spanish baby talk for sleep), yes that is what comes next, bedtime! A 'communication temptation' that their speech teacher suggested was to put a picture of mom and dad in one of their favorite books and let them discover it. Well I tried this a couple months ago and as Caleb was leafing through Happy Snappy, Frumpy Grumpy I notice when he gets to the page where I've inserted two pics (one of mom and one of dad). He gets this horribly disgusted look on his face like 'what have they fav book, defiled!' FAIL. Fast forward to a few days ago and I hear Caleb yelling 'papa, papa' I look over and he's got that same book and he's pointing at the picture of his dad. WIN!!! Good application my boy : ) So many of the suggestions I get from their speech teacher you can't do with triplets, arg! That's one of the reasons they have a speech delay!

They boys all try to sing the Eebee Baby song (a baby video they LOVE), it's really easy, it goes like this 'eebee beebee beebee beebee baby.' It's really cute to see this because when I start to load it on the t.v. they start dancing and singing it : )

Eli calls his Hotwheels and trains 'beebees.' The boys are crazy about their Hotwheels, I don't think I would have even thought to get that for them, so thanks cousin David! Eli has this one Hotwheel that he loves and I always see him with it in one hand and in the other is usually one of the several yellow Hotwheels they have. His fav bike is the yellow one, do you see a trend here...

The boys are starting to get the hang of it, that when some says hi they need to say hi back, it's still a work in progress since they only say it back to me and there is bit of a delay, they all say it 5-10 seconds after the initial hi. Thomas says it most of the time, and Caleb and Eli sometimes.

Despite the speech delay the boys actually do communicate very well (this was also an observation made by their speech teacher). When Caleb wants a bite of something I'm eating he says 'ah-om!' and Thomas makes a popping noise with his mouth for the same reason. When Thomas does NOT want something he blows raspberries with his tongue sticking out (aka farting noise with his mouth). He could just say no, but I guess this is more interesting!

The boys are really getting into things that move, cars, buses, ambulances and especially airplanes, trains and fire/construction trucks : )

A new skill Caleb has acquired before his brothers is jumping off steps. Check it out in this video...

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