Monday, August 6, 2012

Happy Hollow

Today we went to Happy Hollow Park and Zoo, a childhood favorite of mine, only of course it looks way different now. The boys got to ride on their first carousel, they weren't real thrilled. But they did think feeding the goats was a riot!

I have no idea where he got it but Thomas seems to have gotten poison oak on his knee. We noticed a small spot on friday and it has since spread a lot (see pic). I guess he is his fathers son, if Phil even thinks about poison oak he gets it!

Everyone agrees that the boys are looking more like Phil than me!

Caleb has been real clingy this whole trip and i can't hardly go to the bathroom by myself. He has been mama's boy for quite some time now so I guess its not real suprising.

I think my battle with getting the boys to their normal sleep routine is futile. As long as they are happy we'll just go with the flow.

Later today my cuz Diana came down from SF and met the boys for the first time : ) pic down below.

The boys ate soooo much food for dinner tonight that I was afraid to touch their tummys that they might explode! My mom makes some yummy food!

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nan cee said...

Looks like you are all having fun and enjoying your California vacation! Poor little Thomas, I hope he isn,t scratching it or he might get it all over. Like Phil, I get it very easily and it spread on me like wild fire. UGH.
Love to you all,