Saturday, August 18, 2012

Home Again!

Yesterday was quite the ordeal getting out the door. Aside from procrastinating in the morning, as we were about to load the boys up in the car around 1pm we discovered that our battery was dead. Since we didn't notice any direct cause we were too scared to hit the road with a 6 year old battery. So Phil took the car to get a new battery. With all our stuff, cribs included, packed up the boys had to put off their naps till Phil got back with the car. Although obviously tired they were relatively happy until dad got back around 3:30pm. They were so tired that they slept almost 3 hours uninterrupted. So we made good time, we took a quick stop in Dunsmuir for dinner and a play in the park. Still it got dark on us and of course I got stuck driving the worse spot. Windy roads in the dark, ugh! It was a butt clencher : ( Made it to the motel around 9:30pm. We didn't waste time in the morning and were on the road by 9am after getting bagels. Another stop in Eugene for lunch and play then back home by 5pm.

Looking forward to cooler weather, looking at all the pictures we took over the last two weeks on our good camera, catching up on all my fav blogs and getting back into our routines!


Jonalyn said...

Welcome home! Hope you all get into your regular routine soon. :)

nan cee said...

It is a relief to know that you arrived home safely with your precious cargo! I hope you get rested up and back to your routine soon.
Love to you all,