Friday, August 24, 2012

Cali Trip 2012 Pt 2

Here are some of my fav pics from our stay in Livermore and Davis!

so gross! I guess this is just part of building a strong immune system 
 So darn HANDSOME! (nevermind the drool running down Caleb's chin)

Phil and his brother

EBL, CTE: How exciting! Meeting another set of ID triplets. Of course I was gawking at them just like everyone else does to mine : )
two pregnancies 6 kids!!! So crazy : )

T-shirt shop in Berkeley
T and mama Sue
spontaneous hugging
more spontaneous hugging...melts my heart
Pouty lips, Caleb is such a mama's boy : )
baby Juliana and uncle Ed
dad making his boys laugh


We had loads of fun and have lots of great memories to add to our memory banks! Miss everyone, see you sooner than later!


Pitts trips and family : )

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mary said...

Six kids under two... my mind is blown.

Cuteness overload