Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Cali Trip 2012 Pt 1

I finally went through all the pics and picked out my favs! These are from the first week in San Jose, I'll get up the second batch in the next day or two : )

Too funny, Eli and my mom : )

monorail baby
So tinie tiny!
They loved running up and down the hallway, T&E

with cousin Mary
with cousin Diana
watching youtube videos
I like how you can see the reflection of my sister making the boys laugh
Cousins in birth order Benji, Diana, Paul with TEC
Very Caleb expression!
E, number of times peed and pooped in the potty 0%, on the ground 100%. They sure do love sitting on it though!
Their favorite thing to do was lay around on the blankets while munching on apples. I can't hardly get them to wear clothes now!

Missing all the familia! Thanks for a wonderful time, we love you : )


nan cee said...

The pictures are all so cute!
Love you,

Jonalyn said...

Well, maybe Eli doesn't want to get the potty dirty? Looks like they had a blast w/your family!