Friday, August 10, 2012


I picked Phil up this afternoon from the airport and we headed down to Monterey (a little over an hour S of San Jose) for a quick overnight getaway. I miss my boys already, there's no Caleb to bring me my flip flops when I don't need them. No Eli to see how many different ways he can apply the sign for 'all done' and yet it always makes sense. No Thomas to ignore me as much as possible all day until its time to nurse, then I become his fav person. Hope they can make it through the day without their toot sweets (what Phil calls nursing). We are having some fun baby free time even though Phil is dying to see his boys : )

Took a pic of three seagulls, one for each of my babies!

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Jonalyn said...

It must feel so odd to go from 5 to 2! Enjoy the alone time. :)